• Image of Gumballs (Issue #4) Variant Cover (Pink) - SIGNED COPY
  • Image of Gumballs (Issue #4) Variant Cover (Pink) - SIGNED COPY

GUMBALLS, which debuted in December 2016, was the first comic-format project published by Top Shelf in over a decade. Gumballs has been nominated for an Eisner, Ignatz, and is the winner of a DINKY award for Diversity.

The series features a collection of illustrations, gag cartoons, observational drawings, and short (mostly autobiographical) comics about adolescence, recollections of growing up as a triplet, gender transition, and identity.

SYNOPSIS FROM TOP SHELF: "In the jam-packed fourth installment of Gumballs: Erin and his fellow triplets get spooked by a haunted board game! Tobias' dreams come true as he finally holds his crush's hand... accidentally. And modern-day Erin battles the anxiety that comes with using public restrooms and making doctor appointments as a trans man. Also featuring: more awkward personal ads, more tales from the day-job trenches with disgruntled grocery shoppers, and a visual diary inside a vintage trailer at a quirky, bohemian retreat!"

Published by Top Shelf Productions
6.625" x 9.5”
32 Pages
Full Color
Saddle Stitch Binding